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Many Programs Make Enticing Claims But Fail To Provide Anything To Back Them Up. Our Program has Studies & Trials That Validate Safety and Efficiency

Dr Ferdico's Before & After

From an early age I felt my purpose in life was to help people. I went from being a Boy Scout to volunteering in hospitals. Years later, I became a member of Kiwanis International; which is a charitable organization that helps the sick, those less fortunate and the needy. Due to my level of dedication to humanity I was appointed President.

These experiences have made me the person that I’ve become as a husband, father and doctor. Everyday my team and I strive to help change people’s lives.

In my BEFORE photo, I weighed about 250 lbs and I had high blood pressure, cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. I had sleep apnea, low energy and constant tiredness.

In my AFTER photo, I weighed about 170 lbs. For the first time in life, I experienced a TRUE LIFE CHANGING HEALTH TRANSFORMATION, emotionally, mentally and physically.

As you can see, I totally understand and could relate to how you’re looking and feeling because I’ve been there myself. Let me help you attain your weight and health goals. You deserve to be healthy and be the BEST version of YOU!

I look forward to meeting and helping you on your journey to becoming a healthier and happier YOU!!!