Lose Weight by Following These 3 Tips

The topic of how to lose weight is hotly debated. But the truth is, no matter what jersey diet and exercise plan you follow, if you are devoted to your weight loss plan, you will likely notice results. Whether you follow the Paleo lifestyle, eat low carb or are fully devoted to Whole 30, these plans all have more in common than you may realize. One of the most important aspects of true, lasting weight loss is eating well. Below are three food-commandments that most diet planning doctors in New Jersey and across the globe implement in their weight loss approaches.

Eat Less Sugar

According to research, we are hardwired to have a preference for sweets. Sugar makes food taste delicious so it is added to products from salad dressings to cereals, breads and more. If you actually counted the amount of sugar in all of the foods you eat each day, you would realize quickly that you are probably eating too much sugar alone in foods that are not considered to be “sweets”!

Americans eat more than 19 teaspoons of sugar daily. Did you know that the American Heart Association actually recommends that women eat no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day and men no more than 9? This does no justice for your waist line, which is why diet planning doctors recommend you eat less sugar.

Keep in mind that whether your sugar comes in the form of white table sugar or other added sugars, they all are troublesome for your waistline and health. Watch for the following in your foods: agave, date sugar, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, cane juice or any of the other 61 sneaky names for added sugar.

Eat Your Vegetables

Chances are, you are not getting enough veggies in your diet. In fact, only 1 in 10 Americans meet their daily produce requirements. Vegetables are a huge part of many NJ health transformation programs. Vegetables fill your body with necessary disease-fighting nutrients that help to decrease your chances of developing conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. Plus, vegetables fill you up for few calories, which help in terms of weight loss! It is most beneficial for you to eat a wide variety of vegetables to reap all of the healthy rewards that vegetables offer.

Find ways to enjoy them if you are not a fan. If you struggle with them, try a layered approach. Start with something you do like, like pasta. Add some veggies to your bowl, which can help you to get used to a food you are not accustomed to eating by combining it with something you already enjoy.

Incorporate More Whole Foods

All popular diet plans agree on this: whole foods are better than overly-processed foods. Foods like cookies, ice cream, potato chips, frozen pizza and more lack fiber that is in whole foods. Fiber helps to not only fill you up but it enables your body to process foods more slowly. Research has proven that by eating more fiber you can lose weight more easily. So eat your whole foods.

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