3 of the Biggest Obstacles to Losing Fat

Losing weight and burning fat is about more than eating less and exercising more. Dietitians have actually found that people who can’t lose weight actually list those reasons less commonly than others. Below are three of the biggest obstacles to losing weight, as seen by our fat loss experts in Long Island.

“I am not sure what to do.”

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight among individuals in long island fat loss programs is that they don’t know what to do. It does not help that there seems to be a never-ending debate about which diets are healthy and which are not. Considering this, not knowing how you can lose weight is understandable.

There is so much information and “advice” available today on the internet, with many sources suggesting that there are quick fixes to weight loss or that there are secret solutions that you just have to dig a little more to find.

The truth is, there is no special secret or silver bullet where weight loss and dieting are concerned. The best way to lose weight is by eating a well-balanced, whole-food based diet. If you are unsure how this should look, we can help!

“Life is too busy.”

Another big challenge reported by our members is that they don’t have time. Exercising, planning ahead and cooking at home can be time consuming and difficult to fit into a busy schedule. It often feels like an unsurmountable challenge to many people on the road to fat loss.

But the truth is, nobody has enough time in the day to get to everything we want to. No one has hours on end each day where their schedule is wide open. A lifestyle change requires some element of sacrifice.

You must become more organized and work at freeing up a little space on your schedule to be healthy and active. Generate a recipe bank of fresh ingredients that you can quickly prepare in a pinch or make a bunch ahead of time for those extra busy days. Change parts of your commute to walking or cycling sessions. Take walks during lunch breaks. Making changes like this can be huge when it comes to getting healthier.

“I can’t avoid eating unhealthy food.”

It is true that unhealthy food is a huge part of our society today. It is cheap to make and tastes great. From sizzling breakfast sausages to office party cookies and cakes and sugar-laden drinks galore, it is not only difficult to fight the urge to buy junk food at the grocery store but it is also difficult to avoid because it is everywhere you go. And what if you have a busy schedule? It is so much easier to find fast food than a healthy meal.

One of the best ways to handle the pervasiveness that fast food offers is to make a commitment to avoid eating unhealthy food altogether and to also understand that you will be in situations where you have temptation or won’t have any other food options.

You can take steps to combat temptation. For example, if you eat a healthy breakfast, you may not need that muffin with your mid-morning coffee. If you eat healthy food that fills you up, you will be less likely to cave to bad food temptations later.

If you know you will be somewhere only bad foods are available, be sure to eat something first that is healthier. Keep an apple in your bag to eat before the office party so you are filled up and less likely to go for that second slice of cake.

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