Patient Stories- Joe

Patient Stories- Joe

Joe completed 2 rounds of our program and lost over 100 lbs.
“Hi My name is Joe and i’m on day 50 of the plan. I’ve lost 42 lbs in 50 days. I’m down 2 pants sizes. 1 size in shirts. My energy level is through the roof. I used to fall asleep as soon as I sat down. Now I’m wide awake, I have energy. Everyone can see it, it feels great. I’m so happy for Dr. Fat Loss, he has really helped.

What are things that you could do now that you couldn’t do before?
Things in the past were difficult.. Even getting in and out of a car I’d be out of breath… Going up flights of stairs like 20 years ago. It’s a good feeling. I feel like I’m getting my youth back.

How has our program changed your relationship with food?
I’ve learned to eat slower. I was a fast eater, I consumed a lot of food. It has slowed me down. I appreciate the actual taste of the food more because I have slowed down. I notice I don’t need as many condiments on food. I appreciate the taste just for what it is. So the relationship to food has changed drastically.

How has your family reacted to the amount of weight you’ve lost.
They have been very supportive. Everyday it’s been, “whats the weigh-in of the day.” So they have been a big help to it. They can see the difference in all aspects of it. Not only weight, clothes, but also energy. Being able to like I said, stay up when I was falling asleep in the past.”

We are so proud of you Joe! 👏

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